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Screen Maintenance Services

Come to us and let us help you create amazing DIY projects by taking advantage of our screen printing screens maintenance services. 


We can help you in all steps along the way. Our services include:


  • Printing Films: Send us your print-ready and sized artwork and pick up your films all ready to go for burning. We will add registration marks and label each film with the appropriate colors for you. 

  • Plastisol Inks: We will mix and match the pantone colors required for your artwork. We offer inks in quantities of 100g, 300g, and 500g. 

  • Emulsion Screen Coating: Bring your brand new screens; we will coat them, and get them ready for burning. 

  • Screens: Need screens? Get them here! We will help you choose the best screens and mesh counts best suited for your project.

  • Screen Burning: If you’ve already got your screens and films, we can burn your screens within minutes! 

  • Screen Reclaiming: Once you’re done with your screens, bring them to us and we’ll make sure they are clean and ready to be used again on your next project!


Contact us for pricing and availability.


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